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Completely automatic

Cash out with Paypal

Try it out, it is one of the best sites on the market.

On this site you can earn money automatically with your internet + computer or smartphone.

Use a vpn and or add multiple languages to your browser to get the best profits.


No additional equipment

You only need an internet connection and your PC to earn money passively at ebesucher.

Earning Possibilities

Performance cannot be guaranteed because it depends on your circumstances (browser settings, VPN location, browser update, etc.)

Earn extra manually

Click on banners and stay on websites manually to earn extra money.


Automatic Browser Control

ebesucher visit websites that pay you. Completely automatic, which means you don't have to do anything but power up your computer.


Read Emails

If you have some time you can read emails to earn some manual money, about 5 are comming daily.



try to run as many devices as possible so you can multiply your profits.

Good VPN

To increase the widest range of manual clicks, use a VPN with multiple country selection options, so you can search the site from different regions.

Bid List

Always keep an eye on the bid list for each country, you can find it in the advertiser section under prices. The higher the bids the better the payments

:Pro Tips


Click on the icon

Browser settings:

Google Chrome or Firefox
Languages: German, French, English, Spanish;
VPN location: France

Free VPN

Proton VPN is a swiss based provider with a free plan.


It works fully automatically your computer only needs to be turned on all the time.

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